How Secure is Office 365?

One of the biggest questions I get about cloud technologies is “just how secure is Office 365”? To put it shortly, Office 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, Skype For Business Online) is as secure as the team who implements the solution makes it out to be! That is why vetting is becoming increasingly important in the age of the cloud. Just because on the surface things may seem easy to get going; Does not mean one can be neglagent or assume security is a given when deploying Office 365. The effort required to ensure the security, and keep the integrity of the data that is stored in the cloud, demands just as much attention to detail as any networked solution.

With that said, recently, Microsoft has released a new scoring mechanism for Office 365. This new tool will allow an organization to compare its security posture to other commercial industries that are also within an Office 365 tenancy. Think of it as a security analytics service, with a points system that can provide you with feedback and a timeline to help your organization stay on track.

If you are interested in learning more about this tool, and how to use it, I have provided a link in the field below: